Friday Favorites 6/26

It’s Friday!  Hooray!  Here are some favorites from this week:

My family.  I’m off visiting them right now, and it’s so nice to see them again. Definitely not a favorite, but  my grandfather actually passed away yesterday, so I’m glad that I’m around my family right now. He was an incredible man and we will all miss him terribly; it’s been comforting to be around family hearing stories about him. We live two hours away, which isn’t bad at all, but I never get over to see them enough. Being around family is a favorite for sure, especially after losing such an important man in our lives.

Playing my french horn again.  It’s been a long time, and I’m out of shape, but I’ve been playing in a local community band and I love the laid back atmosphere.  It feels good to play again.


The Simple Dollar– This is my favorite personal finance blog.  There are several writers, and there’s always something new to read and learn about.

Researching graduate programs.  I’m thinking either a bachelor in music therapy or a masters in some type of education.  The bachelor would offer more job opportunities, but I don’t know that I could teach while I earn the degree.  The masters degree would provide more money in the career I’m already in, but it would be harder to find a job somewhere else if for some reason I left my current position.  It will be a while before I make any decisions, though.  I would like for us to be farther out of debt before I add any new debt.  Also, it’s very possible this is just a quarter life crisis.

Barley Mushroom Risotto– I had some Barley sitting in the pantry, and wasn’t really sure what to do with it in the summer, so I made this on Tuesday.  I felt like it needed salt and pepper (shame on me for not taste testing first- that’s my favorite part of cooking!), but Husband and I both agreed that it was a keeper.

PostModern Jukebox– This Youtube channel has so many covers of popular songs in styles from different decades and genres.


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