It’s Not All or Nothing

I like to think of myself as a healthy mix of Type A and B.  For the most part, I am pretty easy going and flexible.  My cousin decorated and arranged the flowers for my wedding, and when I met with her to talk about what I liked, I said, “I trust you.  Whatever you think.”  When I get my hair cut, I say, “Just make it look good.  You know what you’re doing, and I trust you.”  If you ask me what I want to do or where I want to eat, I usually couldn’t care less.

Now, with our (hopefully) soon-to-be house?  Not so much.  I want to know exactly where in the process we are, when everything will go through, and, most importantly, when we will be able to move into the house.  With teaching?  I’m good at rolling with the punches, but if I can know my schedule in advance, I absolutely want to.

With healthy eating and exercising, I’m Type A.  If something doesn’t go the way I have it planned out in my head, I throw out the whole day.  In the past it has been an all or nothing approach.  But it doesn’t have to be.


That makes so much sense to me.  There have been a countless number of times where I have “ruined” my healthy eating with a “bad” meal or dessert.  This seems to happen every time there’s a dessert in the teachers’ lounge.  After that, the rest of the day is shot.  Then I’m too unmotivated and lethargic to exercise, and because I don’t exercise I don’t eat nutritious foods.  It’s a vicious cycle.

If I go over my budget, I usually know it right away.  I have a pretty good idea at all times what we have set for each account, so if I’m going to spend money, I typically know whether it will go over the budget or not.  Many times, that helps me stay accountable.  However, sometimes, it makes me spend more.  Last weekend, I was picking up my favorite foundation, and my mom looked at some blush.  I saw a blush that I absolutely adored, and thought, “It’s going to put me over my budget, but so will this foundation, and I do need that.  Oh well, might as well go for it!”  Just a head’s up, it absolutely does not have to be like that.  It’s that all or nothing mentality sneaking in again.

I do want to pause for a second though and tell you how much I love that blush.  I usually buy drug store products and am okay with most of them, but this is gorgeous and totally worth the money, in my opinion.  Worth going over my budget?  No, it could have waited.  Worth splurging on though?  Yes, I think so.

Life doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach.  Whether you’re trying to budget, eat healthfully, exercise, or get more work done, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  Everything in moderation, right?  Leave yourself room for dessert once in a while, give yourself some fun money, and remember that work will still be there tomorrow.  Take a deep breath and realize that it’s just life- it’s short, so live it to the fullest and happiest that you can.


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