Meals and Fitness 6/8

Here’s our meals for this past week.  You’ll notice we ate out a ton this week- my family was in town for the last half of the week, so we ate out pretty much every night they were here.  Also, I had this crazy stomach thing happening, and it hurt worst after I ate, so I pretty much didn’t eat anything for 2 days and there was no way I was cooking.


Monday- Egg sandwiches

Tuesday- Jimmy Johns

Wednesday- Yen Ching

Thursday- Yen Ching (

Friday- Outback Steakhouse (

Saturday- Chicken burger and toast

Sunday- Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chicken with broccoli and rice

This week I’m hoping to cook a lot more at home!  Husband’s work schedule was nuts this week and it was hard to tell when he would be home for dinner.  This week should be a bit more predictable.



Monday- Off

Tuesday- Run (Treadmill, C25K week 2 day 1)

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Run (outdoor, C25K week 2 day 2)

Friday- Off

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Run (indoor, C25K week 2 day 3)

So my goal was working out 4 times and I only made 3 of them, but I’m okay with that!  Again, I really think that my stomach pains had to do with running outdoors in the heat and humidity; my body just isn’t used to working that hard in that environment!  So this week I’m going to be working on being a bit smarter with scheduling workouts and making sure that I’m hydrating a ton and fueling myself properly.  Also, this week Gina starts her Summer Shape Up plan.  I’m so excited to join in!


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